BEST New Restaurant Advertising Ideas – Advertising and Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

01317668314_140986645-z02lkqus-c.jpgAdvertising is the main key for the success of any company, especially if it is a small scale company which has just got itself in business. Starting a restaurant, today, is a way of making profit on your investment. However, to be profitable a restaurant needs some time, the business needs to be well established. If you are thinking of opening a restaurant, you will have to think of some very crucial considerations. One of the important points is effective advertising, which will help you to start off in earning cash. With good restaurant advertising ideas, you can attract customers, even if they at first do not intend to visit your eating place. Following are some advertising and marketing ideas for restaurants.
Good Restaurant Advertising Ideas

Word of Mouth: This is a quite effective form of advertising idea for your restaurant. You can ask your staff to inform people, they come across, about your restaurant. In addition, you should also give the best quality food and service for the customers who may in turn become a mouth piece for your business.

Distribution of Menu Leaflets: This is probably the best and inexpensive idea for small restaurant businesses. You can get advertising flyers printed that would have the restaurant details along with the menu and distribute them in your locality.

Newspaper and Magazines: Advertising a restaurant business in local newspapers is a standard marketing strategy for attracting customers. Along with newspapers, you can also book space in cooking magazines which are popularly sold in your city.

Websites and Social Networking: If you have a budget, you can launch a website completely dedicated to your restaurant services. It is a good idea if you provide online food ordering and feedback facility on the website. Email advertising can be used, here, to reach a particular class of customers. You can even use blogs and social networking sites for publicizing your business.

Cooking and Eating Contests: This is one of the most successful restaurant advertising ideas. You can set up cooking and eating contests and allow food enthusiasts to participate. Keep awards such as the fastest eater, best cook, etc. Such contests normally attract the attention of the media, which can prove to be beneficial for your restaurant’s publicity.

Discount Coupons: You also have a suitable option of distributing discount coupons in magazines, newspapers, and weekly local brochures. With offering discounts, more people will tend to come to your restaurant. Simply render the best services as an advertising technique.

Free Trials: You really need to have a substantial budget for implementing this successful advertising strategy. On the opening day of your restaurant business, you can offer food for free to people in your neighborhood. On such occasions, there are even chances of people from nearby towns visiting your restaurant.

Membership and Offers: Another good advertising idea for restaurants is to offer membership services to customers. Inform customers about the attractive services included in the membership; such as family discounts, free home delivery, and similar others.

Car Advertisements: In the initial one week of your restaurant startup; you can hire a car, set advertising banners on it, and get the car driven in the streets. This advertising is proven to be useful for many businesses.

These are just a few restaurant advertising ideas that can be used for publicizing the business and attracting customers. Remember that the best advertising idea is to keep current customers satisfied by providing the best quality food and services. Your taste and services should become well known for the goodwill of the restaurant. The way you carry out the startup advertising largely affects the reputation of the restaurant.
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